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The utility for quick and fair bill splitting

Fairsplit will calculate “who ate how much” and generate a report “who owes to whom”.

Does your bank return a cashback? Take the initiative to pay for everyone. Snap a bill photo and settle up tomorrow using Fairsplit.

Expense splitting in ratios to participation allows to accurately calculate who ate how much and helps to split quantitative items, for example drinks.

“Who owes to whom?” report helps to settle up between persons and start keeping records of debtors. Also you can send a useful text report to chat or email.

Comfortable data view. You can see both expenses of each participant and the list of participants on each expense position.

Smooth user experience without useless taps and rough animations.

Scan the bill by photo (in development). Recognize the list of expense items and prices by the camera or a bill photo. Feature is in development.

Best regards,
Roman Silin

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